ZED is built for Money Transfer Operators (MTOs)

ZED is a compliance-friendly solution enabling MTOs to leverage a leading blockchain technology to rapidly scale their business. We provide MTOs with Web/ Mobile Apps, back office admin and built-in compliance tools at no cost!

For small to medium sized MTOs that can't effectively compete with larger MTOs, ZED offers a robust Platform as a Service (PaaS) built on a global distributed ledger that reduces remittance costs and transaction friction.

Unlike the current SWIFT system, ZED Network eliminates dependency on banks in favor of a global, distributed network of licensed MTOs to create a faster, cheaper, more transparent money transfer network.

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Total token supply: 100 BILLION (100,000,000,000) ZED Tokens.

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About Us

ZED Network is a Platform as a Service (PaaS) built on a distributed blockchain network using ZED cryptocurrency. We are headquartered in Ontario, Canada and target Money Transfer Operators worldwide.


Meet the faces behind the company.

Alan Safahi



30+ years exp. in hardware, software, mobile telecom, Fintech & Blockchain

Andre Flores

Product Designer

Product Designer

Product Designer with deep expertise in mobile & web application designs for Fintech and blockchain products.

Chris Seidensticker

Chief Financial Officer

Chief Financial Officer

22+ years in consumer technology. Fintech and enterprise SaaS software.

Johns Beharry

Chief Technology Officer

Chief Technology Officer

10+ years in software development in digital design, marketplaces & Blockchain

Kian Beyzavi, PhD

Chief Business Officer

Chief Business Officer

22+ years in technology, strategy, commercialization & operations

Matt McGuire

Chief Compliance Officer

Chief Compliance Officer

21+ years in anti-money laundering (AML) , counter-terrorist financing (CTF) and sanctions compliance

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Our Advisors

The experts in the field.

Aly Madhavji

GlobalDCX Co-Founder, Angel Investor, Blockchain Entrepreneur

Chris Housser

Polymath Co-Founder, Lawyer, Infantry Soldier

Early Boykins III

VC Andra Capital, ICO Advisor, 6+ Yrs Blockchain Experience

Enzo Villani

Fintech Investor, M&A, Media, Public Relations, Micro-Cap

Garry Clement

Global compliance, AML/CTF expert. 30+ years in law enforcement

George De la Rosa

CEO of a Toronto based Credit Union with close to 25 years of experience within the credit union system

Greg Simon

CEO & Founder Loyyal. Blockchain Advisor

Jim Griffin

Currency, Commodity, Hedging and Investment

Jordan Oxley

Chairman of Via Bank, CEO of Energy Co-invest Global. Jordan has held executive management over a billion dollars in transaction and enterprise value and holds the highest security clearance with the Government of Canada. He regularly negotiates multi-jurisdictional deals and has travelled to fifty countries across five continents.

Michael Terpin

ICO, Blockchain, CoinAgenda, BitAngels, Public Relations

Michael Gord

Founder & CEO at MLG Blockchain, ICO Consultant, Speaker

Miko Matsumura

ICO Advisor, Investor, VC LP, Evercoin Exchange Founder

Sunny Ray

Unocoin Cofounder & President, Blockchain Events Organizer, Bitcoin Advisor & Speaker


The strong companies helping make ZED Network a success.


Contact Us

Contact Us

Email: info@zed.network

Mailing Address: 112 Elizabeth Street, #5-321 Toronto, ON M5G 1P5 Canada